Death of the Rose is an English-language game created by Sabbybina with RPG Maker VX Ace. It is a sequel to Darkness of the Rose.

Game Information
Death of the Rose
Death of the rose demo by sabbybina-d90rvtp
Creator Sabbybina
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Adventure
Language English
Game Version Demo
Game Status Ongoing
Website Sabbybina

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

Lutz wakes up in a mysterious world. He comes across someone who looks exactly like his fiancee, a young man named Feliciano. To make things weirder, he has seen Ludwig, a man who looks exactly like himself. How is he supposed to deal with this new world? Meanwhile, Allen and Oliver are planning to deal with Lutz. 


NOTE: Spoilers for this game only are sourrounded by a box, highlight the box to show them. However, spoilers for Darkness of the Rose are unmarked, read at your own peril!

The 2p UniverseEdit

Lutz (2p Germany)Edit

One of the main characters and the representation of Germany. He is slowly recovering his memories throughout his adventure. After the battle with the Allies in the previous game, Lutz was sent to another dimension through Oliver's magic. He ends up meeting Feliciano, a young man who suspiciously resembles Luciano.

Luciano (2p Italy)Edit

Lutz' boss. He is one of the other main characters and the representation of Northern Italy. His soul was severed from his body and sealed away through Oliver's magic.

Kuro (2p Japan)Edit

The representation of Japan, he has a blunt personality and isn't afraid to state his opinions, especially when calling out his own allies. After the battle with the Allies, he was taken prisoner.

Allen (2p America)Edit

The leader of the Allies, he represents the United States of America. Allen and Luciano have a deep rivalry with each other and are always at each other's throats. Despite his rough personality, he has a soft spot for Oliver and never lets him out of his sight.

Oliver (2p England)Edit

The representation of England. He is more docile compared to the other nations, and prefers not to fight unless absolutely necessary. Oliver is extremely devoted to Allen and follows him without question.

Riley (2p Canada)Edit

The representation of Canada. A man of few words, he mostly keeps to himself.

The 1p UniverseEdit

Feliciano (Italy Veneziano)Edit

This universe's representation of Italy.

Ludwig (Germany)Edit

This universe's representation of Germany.

Arthur (England)Edit

This universe's representation of England.

Alfred (America)Edit

This universe's representation of the United States of America.

Matthew (Canada)Edit

This universe's representation of Canada.

Gilbert (Prussia)Edit

The representation of Prussia. He is Germany's older brother and affectionately calls him "West".

Bug Reports/ErrorsEdit


Trivia/Extra FactsEdit





Death of the Rose

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