Game Information
Diamantalia by RussiaAdvice-d92dxmx
Creator KyoKyo866 and RussiaAdvice
Medium RPG Maker XP
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
Language English
Game Version Demo v1.0
Game Status Ongoing
Website KyoKyo866


Diamantalia is an English-language Cardverse game created by KyoKyo866 and RussiaAdvice with RPG Maker XP. A demo was released on August 12th that covered the prolouge.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

After being constantly snubbed in a world meeting, Canada leaves to try to find somewhere to reflect on his situation about how he belongs with everyone. Not too long after, he gets burned with a '2 of Diamonds' and falls into a fountain, teleporting him into the Cardverse realm, and accidentally destroying his only way home in the process. Now stuck in that world and mistaken as "Matthew", he has to travel to the four kingdoms that are in peril from an unknown source and try to find a way back him.


  • Canada
  • Gilbert (Cardverse Prussia)
  • Peter (Cardverse Sealand)

Bug Reports/ ErrorsEdit

Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit

  • The reality side is said to take place in the 50's, having the time placement alter the characters personalities a bit (such as America's attitude towards the slavs and Germany crumbling from post war damages).
  • The au headcanons have been explained by the both of them before launching the game, revealing characters of the kingdoms court and even a fifth kingdom they'll be explored based on the star card suit.



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