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As some of you do or don't know, there has been some issues with the English Project of Hetaoni, that people are disrespecting the rules and posting up screencaps and spoilerific pictures of the game when it clearly states a lot not to do that. Sadly thats almost come to a point of giving up, too many people arent listening or dont care because of its massive size. So I thought maybe we could try to limit us as well since we're starting out.

Heed our warning now. If we find out you are screencapping this stuff and posting them (well spoilerific stuff, like CGs screenshots. little tiny things or quotes I suppose wont be too much of a harm) we will push the next episode back a month or two (maybe even more), depending on what got reposted.

This may seem odd, but we really dont want chaos and things being spoiled before people have a chance to watch. The rule usually is the only one to post screencaps is us, and I would appreciate it if it would stay that way.

And for the comfort of all other viewers, please refrain from comments about "where the music is from" or about possible references to other HetaGames such as HetaOni.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the video!


DREAMTALIA (or in Japanese language, Yumetalia "夢タリア") is a WIP RPG original fangame, created by Kyokoon64 and Pianodream , on the anime/manga series Axis Powers Hetalia. It features numerous characters from the series as they live through scary, original adventures. The genre of the game is described as Adventure/Horror.

It is a large western-made HetaGame project, and aims to be broadcasted on Youtube and possibly NicoNicoDouga, in a similar manner to RomaHeta, HetaQuest or HetaOni. However, Dreamtalia's storyline has nothing related to the mentioned series.

The original plot of Dreamtalia was inspired by a roleplay session Kyo and InsertAwesomeUsernameHere had, which was then rewritten and turned into a whole story by Piano and Kyo.

Please take note that this project is purely FANMADE and that none of the staff claims ownership of Hetalia Axis Powers, which belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya.

The only thing we claim as our own are the plotline of Dreamtalia and the few Original Characters that will be featured in it.

The series is mainly intended for an audience of Hetalia fans, but it will be safe to watch for everyone. The staff hopes all of those who will actually follow the project will enjoy it, and share it with their friends to enjoy as well!

Dreamtalia has not been released to the public as a game yet, and very little information is known for now, but the series is planned as the following:

_Like the other NicoDouga/Youtube series of Romaheta and such, it will be released in video episodes. The language of the game and video series is English, with a possible upload to NicoNicoDouga with Japanese subtitles.

_The creators Kyo and Piano are hoping to release one episode per month. It will however depend on how available they are, since Dreamtalia is a project that's time consuming.

_When the end of the broadcasted series is reached, the playable complete game will be released for the public to play.

This deviantArt page can be considered as the homepage for Dreamtalia. A separate website might be created later.


Staff: Kyokoon64/KyoKyo866 (director & writer), PanicIsMyRain (facesets), Hubedihubbe (CGs), Skitzen (coding, scripting) & Pianodream (mapping, coding, writing)

Credit: Hetalia Sprites - sithjester; Music - Pandora Hearts, Hetalia (and other various series) Opening Theme: Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning

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