Game Information
First Date
First date hetalia gerita game by kyokyo866-d8hsa6n
Creator KyoKyo866
Medium RPG Maker XP
Genre Visual Novel
Language English
Game Version Full game
Game Status Complete
Website KyoKyo866

First Date is an English-language game created by Kyo (KyoKyo866) using RPG Maker XP. It was meant as a visual novel 'Date Simulator' for the pairing of GerIta (GermanyxItaly).

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

After gathering some courage, Ludwig finally asks Feliciano out on a date of dinner and a movie. The night of the date, Gilbert and Francis hear about the date and decide to tag along to try to help Ludwig make the first date go successfully. Ludwig gets way too nervous though and kept slipping up, mostly because of the other two being there. So in seceret he leads them off to the park to bond in private, ending up making flower jewelry for each other. No matter what the players choices are, it ends with a kiss and a guarentee for a date the following week.


  • Ludwig
  • Feliciano
  • Gilbert
  • Francis

Bug Reports/ ErrorsEdit

  • Since the creator was fairly new at making maps, some of the tilsets are unpassable
  • Other than that nothing game breaking

Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit

  • During their trip to the theater, the movies reference different fanfics. "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" (A gerita WW2 fanfic), "Schon Ist Was Schon Lasst" (A germany centric lolita fanfic), "Regret" (based from Episode 23.5 and it's literary sequel 'Regret') and "Mondo del Sogno" (based from Dreamtalia)
  • The game was made as a valentine's day gift to the creator's partner



Game download - here

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