Game Information
Heart of the Omega
Heart of the omega by sabbybina-d8t0l9r
Creator sabbybina
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Romance, Yaoi
Language English
Game Version N/A
Game Status Under Development
Website sabbybina

Heart of the Omega is an English-language game created by sabbybina with RPG Maker VX Ace.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

The world's population has evolved over the years. Now, offspring are being born in twins is more common. Each pair of twin is born the same kind: Alpha, Beta, or Omega. It's very rare for one twin to be another kind or vice versa. That seemed to be the case for twins of Luciano and Feliciano Vargas. Luciano was believed to be born an Alpha, but when he receives news that changes his life, he has to deal with everyone harassment. Why is it that Lutz is acting weird around him as well?


Bug Reports/ ErrorsEdit

Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit



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