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Downloadable Games Edit

This section contains any games created on any kind of RPG Maker and are playable.

Developing Games Edit

Games that do not have a playable demo.

Unplayable Games Edit

Games under this section are ones that are non-playable and usually only seen through videos (Youtube or Niconico Video). Others are discontinued and/or playable demos have been taken down.

Visual Novels Edit

Visual novels focus more on literature and storytelling, rather than battles.

Flash Games Edit

Flash games are games made using Flash software and are often interactive games such as dating-sims or fall/catch games.

  • Canada Flash Game - It involves stripping. And you're playing as either Russia or a anonymous girl.
  • APH-GAME - Russia and England are trying to stop you (Italy) from kissing Germany.
  • Flash Game ~ A Trip through Germany with Prussia - A sim-dating game featuring Prussia.
  • Flash Game ~ Training with Germany - A sim-dating game featuring Germany.
  • Mochimerica - Play as Mochimerica.
  • APH: Spain's Expressions - You are given a wide range of expressions to place on Spain. [Dress-up game]
  • INTERACTIVE CANADA FLASH GAME - Perform various actions to interact with Canada.
  • INTERACTIVE ROMANO FLASH GAME - Perform various actions to interact with Romano.
  • Chibi!Romano's tomato catch WIP - As little Romano, you catch tomatoes, to help Spain.
  • Spain's Toreo Game - Play as Spain and 'toreo' the bull!
  • APH Academy Hetalia - A game where you (Hungary) search for Austria's missing underpants.
  • APH: PAASTAA the Game - As Chibitalia, you gather pasta while avoiding tomatoes.
  • Go Liet Go Go Liet - Demo Version - Help Lithuania bake a cake.
  • Love the World - A sim-dating game. This will probably get its own page later on. Currently it is only a demo.
  • Hetalia Pairing Game - You can click and drag a selection of characters to pair them up.
  • A Date in Italy - A dating game involving Italy. You are a tourist exploring Italy when you meet an enthusiastic Italian.
  • PastaMon - Interactive Trailer - An interactive trailer for a Pokemon/Hetalia crossover.
  • France's Dress Up Game - Dress-up game.
  • Japan's Dress Up Game - Dress-up game.
  • Nyotalia Dress Up [FemItaly ]- Dress-up game.
  • Nyotalia Dress Up [FemRomano] - Dress-up game.
  • Hetalia Dress Up Game - Dress-up game.
  • Hetalia Dress Up Game ver. 2 - Dress-up game.
  • Girls' Hetalia Dating Game - Dress-up game.
  • England's Dress Up Game - Dress-up game.
  • Veneziano's dress up game - Dress-up game.
  • America's dress up game - Dress-up game.
  • Spain dress up game - Dress-up game.
  • APH: Prussia Dress Up Game - Dress-up game.
  • Dress Up England 8D - Dress-up game.
  • Hetalia - Dress Up Vietnam - Dress-up game.

Misc. Games Edit

Various other games including 3D games or Flash games with other gameplay mechanics not specified in the above sections.

  • 2p!HetaOni (text-game version) - Discontinued
  • Bad Pasta
  • A Cold-War Mochitalia Game
  • Game Time
  • Good Luck Iceland
  • Hetalia: Interactive Dating Game
  • Hetalia: Interacting Dating Game
  • Hetalia Game WIP "Happy Independence Day"
  • Hetalia Space Shooter - Japanese shooting game.

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