Game Information
House of Winter
House of winter
Creator Kyokoon866 and Dignified
Medium RPG Maker XP
Genre Comedy, Suspence
Language English
Game Version V.1.0 - Demo
Game Status Ongoing
Website Kyokoon866
House of Winter (also called Let snow) is an English-language game created by Kyokoon866 (or, her pseudonym, Kyo) and Dignified, and is made with RPG Maker XP. It's currently ongoing since its debut on deviantArt in October 2016. Currently the game only has a demo.

Gameplay Edit

Let's Play!- House of Winter (Part 1)30:18

Let's Play!- House of Winter (Part 1)

First part of the demo

Setting, Characters and StoryEdit

Setting Edit

Characters Edit

Protagonists Edit

  • Sealand
  • Molossia
  • Wy
  • Seborga
  • Kugelmugel
  • Hutt River
  • Ladonia

Story Edit



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