Game Information
Mysterytalia 1 0 by shiro1026-d80ffhb
Creator Shiro1026
Medium RPG Maker XP
Genre Game's story genre i.e. Adventure, Dark Fantasy, etc.
Language English
Game Version Version 1.0
Game Status Ongoing
Website Shiro1026

MysteryTalia is an English-language game created by Shiro1026 with RPG Maker XP.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

England and the others has encountered a spirit that has a great rage and has wanted to kill everything it sees and they have to escape from the spirit before it catches them.


England - The main character and knows powerful magic.

Germany - The captain of the axis powers.

Italy - Member of the Axis Powers. One of the cowards but still has the power to fight.

Japan - Member of the Axis Powers. One of a kind and acknowledges the power of the swords.

America - Leader of the Allied Force. Loves to eat, silly at times and has a caring heart.

France - Member of the Allied Force. Romantic and pervertic is his style, but learns the power between romance and love.

China - Member of the Allied Force. 4,000 years old and strong by kung fu.

Russia - Member of the Allied Force. One of the feared countries and lonely, but he goes along with each other with others.

Canada - America's brother. Older than America, but he doesn't seem to be noticed that much, but he's always there to help you out.

Romano - Italy's twin brother. Yes, he is hot-headed and loves tomatoes and stuff and he seems to be always seeking for Spain's help.

Bug Reports/ ErrorsEdit

Stairs - The stairs is transparent and can be walked through.

The Soldiers - The soldiers are on the back of the mountain and still can be seen by the players.

The Fog - Italy mentions a fog, but the fog doesn't come out.

The Trees - From the memory of England, the trees aren't supposed to be in the back of the mountain.

No Gold and EXP - Once you get to fake Germany, you won't get any Gold and EXP. It happens to future battles.

Grammar - The grammar and punctuation needs some impovement.

Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit

- Some of the music is from RPGVX Ace and Danganronpa.

- Some glitches can be found in the game.



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