Game Information
Creator Jeroine
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Action; Adventure; Slice of Life-ish
Language English
Game Version No demo yet
Game Status Developing
Website Jeroine

Strike! is an upcoming HetaGame by Jeroine. It is somehow loosely based on the Magical Strike AU by Hidekaz Himaruya.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

26-year-old activist and celebrity Francis Bonnefoy gets unknowingly trapped in what appears to be a conspired plan between an English salaryman named Arthur Kirkland and 19-year-old Alfred F. Jones, who is the son of the president of the company Arthur works in. As this so-called conspiracy slowly manifests itself, more and more dark secrets are revealed.

Can our Frenchman be able to act on the ordeal awaiting him?


Major CharactersEdit

France (Francis Bonnefoy)Edit

Also known as Magical Strike, or Mr. Strike.

America (Alfred F. Jones)Edit

Also known as the Company President's Son.

England/UK (Arthur Kirkland)Edit

Also known as the Salaryman.

Minor CharactersEdit

Canada (Matthew Williams)Edit

Alfred's younger brother.

Seychelles (*Michelle Proulx)Edit

- Michelle Proulx is a fan-made name for Seychelles in this game.

Bug Reports/ ErrorsEdit


Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit





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