I am slowly learning the ropes of Wikia and want to share to any old and new users useful pages or commands I have discovered. (It's also for personal reference!) I will find ways to best implement them into the Hetalia-Games wikia templates/format at a later date, but for now it may be useful to know what may be out there. I ask that these features be used sparingly unless officially added to the wiki (As they are currently being tested and installed to the wiki) and no new templates (page, stub, etc), without approval, be created/submitted to the wiki at this time!

Below is a list and brief how-to of wikia functions. Most will be links to a proper description/how-to but I will try to summarize the general function of each! Questions, comments or other useful tricks discovered, just comment below and I will add to the blog post.


A useful glosarry of wikia terms.

Helpful for those editing and wanting to briefly describe their edits, as well as admins when referring to specific pages, etc.

Page Tabs

Useful for managing multiple pages of information within one main wikia page. This creates an in-page tab that could be used for multiple character bios, same-category information, or even to hold images and smaller stubs or information. (Saves the wikia from a mess of pages too!)

Here is the official page for the extention

Stubs and Templates


A stub is a page containing a paragraph or less of information.

Using a stub command line in the editor (Source editor only) this can create a "Stub" message. This marks the page as a stub and also invites others to edit the page and add more information to it.

It's possible to make other kinds of templates, marking pages as "incomplete" or within a specific category of the wiki. 

This is an example of the many kinds of stubs a wiki can have.

Stub templates will be soon added to the Hetalia-Games wikia in the future by BerryFlavouredMelody, so please watch for them!

Other Templates

These are other examples of templates, some of which can be implemented in the Hetalia-Games wikia in time. 

If you have any templates you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment.

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