Okay, as you all are aware, I revamped the table of the HetaGame article template. I know and I'm well-aware that BerryFlavouredMelody wants to work out the aspects of wikia, but I have been doing some research on it before she even claimed that in her blog post (and I'm not gonna lie). When searching for a way to make custom tables, I came across a help article on theFinal Fantasy wiki on how to make a custom table. So, with some practice and understanding, I made a personal sandbox for myself on Community Central to do some experimenting with the table CSS and playing around with the coding. Eventually, I got some understanding and went to copy and paste the table CSS I made onto the article template. I might make more templates in the future with the custom table CSS. Oh, and if you want to check out the CSS, click on the link on the front page where it leads you to the Wiki Template, click edit, and switch to "Source Mode." At first glance, it'd be confusing for you, but click on the first link in this blog entry that leads you to a guide on how to make tables and customizing them.

To BerryFlavouredMelody, I'm sorry if you think I'm vandalizing the article, but you an another admin (I forget his/her username) were absent most of the time, so something had to be done. Besides, I was only trying to help, and the reason why I chose the Final Fantasy info tables is just so that the tables themselves stand out. I've also researched other tables and made a personal sandbox on this wiki, but I found that the CSS of the different tables is useless, as in, if you copy-paste the CSS to the source editor, the literal CSS coding is present in the visual editor. I might be making a tutorial on how to make custom tables/infoboxes in the near future when there are more HetaGames out there.

P.S. I'm also giving the Character Template I made a good revamping as well.

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